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Meet Miss Rae

Rachael Mason

Owner, Artistic Director

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Rachael Mason has been a dance instructor and choreographer since 1996. Trained at The University of Akron, The Conservatory of Dance Pittsburgh, and professionally with Maude Baum and Co., and The EBA Dance Theater.  Mrs. Rae has traveled, and trained under numerous choreographers gaining world extensive training in various forms of dance. 

Aside from her extensive ballet and Modern training, she has trained in jazz, tap, character, and swing, as well International dance from China,  Africa, France, Argentina, and Italy. Mrs. Rae has also performed in many great theater productions, such as Jesus Christ Super Star, The Sound of Music, 42nd Street and  Mary Poppins just to name a few. 


Mrs. Rae was a  certified personal trainer for 13 years, and use's her knowledge to help her students stay strong, and healthy!

Mrs. Rae  is extremely proud of all her students accomplishments, including acceptances into the top dance schools in the country, Company positions in various dance companies, Emmy awards in broad casting from NBC, and  top marketing positions with well known companies like Google!

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